A holistic way to improving your life by balancing and restoring your body's natural energies

Life is to be lived at it's fullest, with joy and vitality! If you're suffering with pain, anxiety, depression, low energy or really just need to restore your health and well being, let me show you how Eden Energy Medicine can help you. You'll be back in the driver's seat to health and well being before you know it!



· Harness and direct your body's NATURAL HEALING ENERGY for      optimal HEALTH and VITALITY

· Find RELIEF FROM SYMPTOMS related to illness and disease

· Increase MENTAL CLARITY and improve MEMORY

       Ease depression and feel more JOY!

                                       -Donna Eden




Energy Medicine is a natural holistic approach to health that involves balancing and restoring your body’s natural energies for the purposes of increasing your vitality, strengthening your mental capacities, and optimizing your health.  The form of Energy Medicine I use was developed by Donna Eden and is described in her book, Energy Medicine.


Are You Suffering With Any Of These Conditions?

  • Long Term Health Issues

  • Stress & Anxiety

  • Trauma & Addiction

  • Pre & Post Surgery

  • Chemotherapy Side Effects

  • Hormonal or Infertility Problems                                                                 

Energy Medicine, in a simple and non-invasive manner, will address the energetic roots of these conditions to help reduce the symptoms or side effects.

With persistent intent, Energy Medicine can build up the immune system by clearing, blancing and strengthening the energy in the effected energetic system.

Energy Medicine techniques offer effective ways to calm the fight-flight-freeze response and lessen anxiety.

Using Energy Medicine for Pre-operative and Post-operative surgery will help enhance the healing roperties of the body. A quicker recovery, less stress on the body and side-effects are diminished with Energy Medicine.

The overall support of Energy Medicine techniques helps to build and strengthen the body's reponse to Chemotherapy and Radiation, helping to relieve side effects associated with these treatments.

Frances M Walker, EEM-CLP

(Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner)

Usui Reiki Master Teacher 

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Available Treatments
  • Energy Bodywork

  • Usui Reiki Session

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Pain Therapy

  • Electrics-Deep & Revitalizing

  • Auric Work

  • Hormonal Support

  • Well Being Support

  • Spiritual Soul Coaching

  • Oracle Card Reading

  • Energy Medicine Workshop

  • Akashic Records reading